Wietske Maas

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Over the years Wietske Maas has straddled a miscellany of different cultural tangents from visual arts, curating to radio-making. Based in Amsterdam since 2005, Wietske currently combines artistic pursuits with work as a freelance producer for the European Cultural Foundation.


The First Europe-Case Scenario

Europe itself never was and never will be a sealed-off ethnic unity but rather a deeply entrenched story of mass migration. We are all entangled within a history of genetic exchange that exceeds the boundaries of any region, nation or even continent.


In this essay (PDF), Wietske Maas reviews the first of a series of art exhibitions under the bannerScenarios about Europe, shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig (GfZK). She argues that Scenario 1 is a diligent search for artistic anticipations and interpolations that confront us with difficult questions about Europe’s immense diversity.