Kinan Azmeh on Next Generation Please!

Who is your European icon and why?

I am not someone who believes in Icons. Throughout history there have been leaders, artists, inventors, scientists, authors etc, the collective of those is what is important for me. I have learned not to iconize anything as I am skeptical by nature. 

You are a communications/PR advisor and are free to remake the EU’s image. What would you do first?

For me this question assumes that the EU or Europe in general has a very specific image in people's minds, I am not sure this is the case to begin with. After all it is not a person/political institution who changes the image of a continent, but rather the collective of the cultures that live within and their interactions. 

You are appointed EU President. What’s action point No.1?

I would resign immediately as I know I will be the wrong person at the wrong time and place. But if I was forced to be one for one day  I would assign a musical instrument to every single politician in the continent and ask them to make chamber music together.

Europe 2100: draw a mental map. Where are the boundaries?

It is rather a dream map rather than a mental one: No boundaries shall be needed in my map.