Laila Soliman on Labour Force/Humans

You are appointed EU President. What’s action point No.1?

I can never even imagine being the EU President and I fail to put myself in his shoes.

I do not even really understand what the EU President really does. Honestly the more I see the news about the financial crisis and the austerity measures, the more I get confused about his responsibilities.

Europe 2100: draw a mental map. Where are the boundaries? 

The boundaries of Europe stop where its historical and current influence ends.

Has integration in Europa failed? Or will the problems pass like indigestion?

I can not generalize about the integration in the whole of Europe, at least not at the time being.

Maybe in a few years…
However I do not find a true vision on the equality of cultures.
There remains a hierarchy, in which western culture is still in effect the dominant one.
As long as the immigrant is required to integrate into a culture that is regarded as a superior to
his own, a feeling of constant indigestion that is part of a chronic illness will, rather than a passing state.

What form of community inspires you and why? What does your ideal society look like?

Before January 2011 I would not have been able to describe my ideal society, but now I have experienced it for eighteen days in Tahrir.